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Our beard oils and balms are all organic/natural and made to order! The ingredients are simple...Argan, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Vitamin E and a secret mixture of essential oils for the perfect scents!! Our beard balms contain shea butter, beeswax & the same carrier oils as our killer beard oils!


These are the products that started it all for Mad Cat Beard Care in 2019. These are the staples...the old faithfuls...the original originals of the Mad Cat! If you looking for a faithful everyday....amazingly crafted product..then search no further!! 


“Cat-Nap” The Mad Cat struggles with terrible anxiety and depression...this was the VERY FIRST Mad Cat creation...Lavender, Spearmint and French Vanilla mix to create a relaxing and stress relieving mixture that you can wear during the day or to wind down at night. This is a must for anyone struggling to relax during the day or sleep at night!


"Camp Fire Coffee" Have you ever wanted to bottle that feeling of enjoying your favorite coffee on a chill but comfortable moring next to a flickering and simmering camp fire? Well this is your chance to live that moment everyday! WIth REAL dark roast coffee extract and notes of smokey oak and sandalwood...this one is one of Mad Cat's daily rotational go tos and is sure to please even the most snobby of coffee lovers!! 


"Sweet Cherry Tobacco" This one was simply created beacause NO OTHER beard care company could get it right (in my opinion) so, the Mad Cat stepped up! Sweet cuban pipe tobacco mixed with a tart/lucious and subtle (not too suble) aroma of black cherry..all on top of very very subtle tones of smokey cedar and vanilla bean. This is a feeling of youth for the Mad Cat of stepping into his great Grandfather's room and smelling him puffing away on his pipe. If you want to relive your own grandpa's pipe memories or even make your own...this one's for you! 


You've tried the try the best....The King Of Beards, Mad Cat Beard Care! 

The Mad Cat makes a happy beard! 


As always...purchasing this and all other products helps Mad Cat to continue donating to cat rescues! It helps with vet bills, food, toys, shelter and anything else they may encounter. So, thanks in advance for your support!!

The OG Three

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