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I started making beard oils about 7 years ago..mainly because I had a hard time finding ones in the stores or online that didn’t completely dry out or over saturate my beard hairs. I got frustrated and just started making my own for myself as well as friends and co workers. After about a year I had gotten so popular in certain circles that I decided to try my luck in selling them. I’ve only been a business since 2019  but, I've been carried in 10 shops, stores, salons locally and have developed a lot of return customers around Findlay, Ohio and beyond.

   I do everything 100% by myself…designs, marketing, sales and everything that comes with the business. The only exception being the mascot illustrations done by the amazingly talented Mike Gaddor of "Brothers Gaddor". (Check them out!) Having a degree in design and marketing definitely helped out.

   I'm also a huge professional wrestling fan. Over the past 3 years, I have actually been able to partner with quite a number of my favorite people in that community from the past and present! They are all honorary members of the Mad Cat Beard Care CREW and all have their very own exclusive scents in my shop. So, while shopping around, keep an eye out for these professional wrestler’s exclusive scents: Delirious, Matt Sydal, Sledge, The Briscoe Bros., Josh "The Goods" Woods, Josh Alexander, Beer City Bruiser, Fallah Bahh, Swoggle, Horror King Vincent, The Blue Meanie, Luke Gallows, Jonah…and many more! 

   I use a percentage of my profits for rescuing stray cats in my neighborhood. I started doing this maybe 7 years ago because I had notice that in my neighborhood alone the stray to neighbor ratio was outrageous. I started trapping them, fixing them, feeding them and paying for all of their vet bills. Over time this definitely piled up financially so I decided to try to do something where I could use the money from it to go towards the vet bills….anyways thats where the “Cat” part of the Mad Cat name came from.

   In the coming months I will be less hands on with the cat rescuing and will be donating portions of my sales to a different animal rescue or mental health non-profit every other month or so so that I may be able to spread more positivity.

   The "Mad" portion of the name comes from my own personal struggles with mental health issues with anxiety and depression. I'm a huge advocate for Mental Health and wellness and I try my best to spread positivity where I can.


The inspiration for my Mad Cat mascot is to the right. This is my 16 year old cat, Stinky. I've had him since 2007 after he was shot with an arrow. The rescue said he wouldn't make it past a month..and he was able to prove them wrong! Unfortunately, this past July (2021), I lost him...but it was to old age and happy living..and not that damn arrow! He was my best friend and I truly miss him...but I will continue to do what I can to make sure Mad Cat Beard Care continues to grow in his memory! 

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