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Our beard oils and balms are all organic/natural and made to order! The ingredients are simple...Argan, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Vitamin E and a secret mixture of essential oils for the perfect scents!! Our beard balms contain shea butter, beeswax & the same carrier oils as our killer beard oils!



"Findlay Brewing” is usually only available in the winter time during Findlay Brewing Co.’s annual beard and mustache competition! They’re an awesome local brewery who’ve been creating awesome brews for years now! I use their real hops in this one (my personal method for oil extraction) and add just a hint of citrus to create our very own ipa for your face! Give it a shot!!


As always...purchasing this and all other products helps Mad Cat to continue donating to cat rescues! It helps with vet bills, food, toys, shelter and anything else they may encounter. So, thanks in advance for your support!!

Findlay Brewing

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